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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
bsdsocket does not work at all. A2065 is the only part which can work. Only real hardware works with OS4, no UAE extension.

Samba does not work, either, because UAE emulates a NAT router. The Amiga and Windows are not in the same network. You have to open the ports for Samba, this can only be done by manually adding them to the WinUAE config file. Details are somewhere in a thread here, I don't know them.

Why do you need Samba? Wouldn't SMBFS be sufficient?

Be warned that neither Samba nor SMBFS work well with any Windows newer than XP. A Linux/Samba driven NAS would work best.

While i highly DONT recommend it you can probably adjust the ntlm authentication level to allow the older (insecure) methods allowing it to communicate with the old smb clients/servers . Haven't tested it on the newer client os's although.. (I.e win7/8) they my have depreciated the old smb code in them completely.

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