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Depends what you want to do with it. Want to use it for games only? The popular choice is to get a modified Gotek floppy drive emulator, rather than messing with real floppy disks. That way, you can have disk images on a USB stick and run everything from there. Some people replace the internal drive with a Gotek, but if you want to keep your hardware looking original (like I do), it can be mounted in an external enclosure and used by installing a boot selector in the Amiga. KS 1.2/1.3 will only boot from DF0, but the boot selector will make the external work as DF0 and the internal drive DF1.

You will need a 512kB expansion for most games, so either you can fix up the one you have or get another one.
I suppose the expansion card is corroded due to a leaking battery on it. It may still be working though and in that case you can stop the corrosion by snipping off the battery, putting the entire PCB in some vinegar for a little while, clean it with a brush, then rinse it thoroughly under some water (demineralised is best).

Without the battery, the clock will be reset every time the power is removed, but if you just want to use it for games, it can be ignored.

If you want to put a CF card in it to use as HDD to boot from, you could look at either Kipper2k's RAM+CF cards (I have one of those in my 500+) or the ACA500.
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