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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
I found the game has at least 3 different tunes in. Anyone can rip them in full? I think demo mode cuts the song too early... YM format, please.

@Tony Galvez: I don´t know how the MSX chip works. Please, explain how did you get those spectacular samples and I will research some sounds based on this tune.

Just a wip for the basic version (to work on). Needs to implement noise channel and ssc samples... (sorry for the arps, they will be removed)

EDIT: I could convert to MOD the Speccy, C64 and CPC versions indeed, don´t think I would worth the time anyway, only for nostalgic purposes. What do you think?
Actually, I personally feel this is one of those rare times where the ST version sounded better than all the 8 bit versions, so ST conversion should be enough I think
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