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@Reido, thanx for your reply. Allow me to clarify a few things. I own an A600, higly pimped up A1200 running OS 3.9 and 2 CD32s.
And thats just the Amigas, still have my fully operational c128 & c64 etc...
Anyhoo, my definition of "dead" is that is extremely thin nische market. And practically no developer could make a living on producing stuff for the classic Amigas alone.
You see the same people attending Amiga shows year after year.
The 68k Amiga scene is attracting very few new users that didnt use it lovingly in the late 80s or early 90s.

Its the financial part that defines it for me. Even raising "pocket change" for modern "next gen" projects like AmiDark have severe problems finding funds. Compare that to all those crazy kickstarter projects that raise $10.000 in a day...
So yea, Id say the classic Amiga has ben *commercially* dead as a platform for 20 years.
It has absolutely nothing to do with what *I* think of this hobby.. which btw I love but when reality knocks on the door I dont look the other way. ;-)
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