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Gimme gimme gimme your script Retroman ;-)

Thanks for all this further information, as this topic really interests me.
Let me see if got right:

-One uses adf2fms to create fms Files from ADFs
What is the exact difference between those two formats ? (I suppose I could do some reading, but listening to you guys is a lot easier ... )

- Then one uses fms_20.lha or fmsdisk.lha or virtualfloppy.lha or what to mount the file ? What's best ?
And what about the VirtualHD-thingy Retroman ? Can one also mount HDF-files ? And how do you do it ? Which prog ?

-Then the famous RetroMan-script (which takes advantage of one or more of the tools named above) can be used to simplify the process, by creating multiple disks at once.

@RetroMan : I'm looking forward to your script, as it will be a good source to learn from.

@Amigaboy : this DISMOUNT-thingy is a good one, I didn't find that in any reference that I've been looking at. I'm ancious to see if that works. Does one even need the DISMOUNT-option if one boots from harddisk ? I'm not sure if DF0: gets mounted (MOUNTED not assigned) that way.


P.S.: Don't worry about using this thread for such offtopic-purposes... the topic sucked in the first place
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