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While I sympathize will a bunch of you, who wants to throw away money on vapoware right, you all need to realize that these kind of projects are almost impossible to do for a single guy.
And that is true regardless if he's a con artist or a guy who is under a lot of pressure and desperately trying to fix this thing that he sees as his saviour.
Lets face it, the classic Amiga has been dead for the best part of the last 20 years. It takes a miracle to get any kind of economy in such an endeavour.
While I dont defend lack of communication as much as the next guy, people going into this as buyers need to weigh the risk too.
Maybe he should have started a kickstarter or something similar.

Anyhoo, the Amigans I know are used to ridiculously long dev times. (How many years between amiga os 4.1 and 4.1 FE again? )
If I were one the guys who preordered I ptobably ask the guy to post a video on youtube of the device to see if he has something, and if he does, have patience and hope for the best.

If theres no evidence that the products actually exists and runs then you should provably huddle up and find a legal way to formally request a refund.
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