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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
In the flesh it looks about 2000% better, it looks like shit in Youtube.

On Amiga the character moves smoothly, not taking 30 pixel leaps across the screen, oh and you can see everything properly, looks like I applied a Vaseline filter to the output for fucks sake!

Galahad, good vork , It is a very funny game.

You can cound on me for the sounds effects, I have so much experience with it, you can tell me the memory and the number of them, I will doit.

I miss ingame music on the AtariST, I think no game can lack ingame musics. Maybe my good friend ADRDESIGN maybe want to do some musics for the game. What are you thinking about that? I recomend some diferent ingame musics for diferent parts of the map.

Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
WIP, I´ll try using SSC samples from Tony Gálvez for this, no YM version this time. Of course an amiga remix will be made.

Thanks for all your work Gallahad, you´re close to redemption.

keep your excellent work!
Very good ADRDESIGN, I will give more SCC samples for you

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