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Live streaming Amiga games on Twitch! (Lots of obscure stuff)

I was always annoyed at the lack of Amiga games on Twitch and even youtube, so recently I have been streaming a lot of weird Amiga stuff. One of my favorite pastimes is delving into the depths of thousands of obscure games on the Amiga, so I figured I might as well stream it.

Heres my channel:

This is one of the more... entertaining games I've found so far

I'm about to do more in about half an hour, including checking out that incredibly obscure game mail order-only game Ali Baba from 2000 that was recently added to the HOL. Its so cool when these lost games get dumped, a few days ago I was playing that long lost Turkish game Paradise Lost which is an incredibly cool shadow of the beast clone.

If anyone one else streams Amiga stuff please post your channel here too!
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