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Alrighty, re-upload complete!!! (without "Nightmare Busters")

This package has been tested quite thoroughly; the only thing I can image that may go wrong would be due to operating system language.

Saying this though, with "Windows 7" onwards I believe a user's "Desktop" folder is predominantly going to be "C:\Users\{username}\Desktop" where as with "Windows XP" it would change sometimes with different languages e.g:

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Desktop 
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Asztal
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Skrivbord
If you have don't have English as your operating system language and your "Desktop" folder isn't "C:\Users\{username}\Desktop" please let me know specifying what it's named. I can amend the setup files to suit and upload a very small patch (100KB roughly).

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Does that mean you have to remove the images in case you get sued as well?
Didn't create game / title screenshots for this game due to "LusSpace" using encrytped ".PNG" files. I couldn't work out what program created these unfortunately so my normal screenshots wouldn't load...

If anybody knows the answer to the above for reference that would be cool.

Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
A simple Google search of nightmare busters reveals many download pages and even an online play of the game.
Oh I'm sure that "Nightmare Busters" is easily found / downloaded. There's nothing stopping anyone from adding into this DVD themselves for personal use (see the "Read-Me" for instructions on how to add ROMS to the package / re-create the .ISO).

I just wont include it in my package.
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