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Originally Posted by Heavy Stylus View Post
AT LAST! Mate, I have been waiting to play the full version of Beetle for years! Thanks in advance for sharing
I've been looking for it since a lot of Amiga disks got thrown out a long time ago. All I can ever find is the 30 level shareware demo. I can remember it being on a white disk. If anyone has a copy, please please let me know.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
There isn't much information for "Beetle" but here is what I could find for use in the Hall of Light entry.
There is also the two page letter that Rob received from the game author which I have Zoned again for use here.

Year of the first release - 1993
Number of disks (or CD) - 1
Number max of players - 2
Simultaneous max players - 1
Language - English

Hardware - ECS/OCS
Amiga original game - unknown
Have cheatcode - no
Have SPS release - no
WHD install - no
HD install - Yes

Category - Platform
Subcategory Shooter - Platform - Navigator
Dimension - 2D

License - Shareware
Publisher - Unique Styles - Worldwide
Budget publisher - NA
Developer - Unknown

Artists Coder : J.R.Evans
Graphician : D.R.Hall
Musician : J.R.Evans

WHD information
HD notes
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilation

Additional Information:

Sound effects : W.J.Leadbetter

100 Levels with 5 Sub-Games.
Game includes a Level Editor.
Shareware Registration Fee - £5.00
If it's any help, I can remember it being on a white disk with a logo of the tiger on the front.

Sorry to ask but does anyone have a link of the full version of Beetle on Amiga. I keep finding the 30 level shareware demo version. I used to have it for Amiga and have been searching for it for ages.

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