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Is this the same Alastair Murray as Hanger 18:

And what does he have to do with Backbone?

That Hanger 18 is a game I have always wanted to have finished. If i recall right, it either ended without actually ending, or then there was some very quick ending in way of "Im too tired to get this finished, lets just kill the main character and call it game complete"

He should have released that game as shareware instead of freeware when he made that. I think that game was and still is definetily worthy of receiving shareware payment to have it properly finished. It is one of the best freeware games i have played on Amiga.

Perhaps mention him in interview if there is possiblity to raise his inerest to finish that game properly? I would be willing to pay something to get to play it.

edit: just googled and found out that Alastair Murray made the backbone. Very interesting if this the same guy who made the hanger 18 as well.
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