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Stretch Goals Announced!

Newsletter 6 March

Dear all,

Due to your incredible support our funding goal is insight after only 7 days! It is wonderful to know that so many people also share our vision in producing this film.

Thank you to all of you who have so generously supported us so far. We have therefore decided to announce some stretch goals so that you can all see our plan for where (should we exceed our initial target) we would use extra funds. The key for us is the production of more content, not just within the film itself but also in the creation of bonus content such as game makings of, extended interviews, and other individual features that add extra insight into the creation of the Amiga itself, specific games, soundtracks and further expansion into subjects such as the Demo scene, journalism and many more.

The extra content we produced for our previous film ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ has proved very popular so the more funding we receive will only go into creating more content including licensing more archive footage and really expand on the material to make it the very best we can!

We have decided to keep things simple that any stretch goals we hit all backers benefit from, apart from a couple exclusive to the physical formats (DVD/Blu-ray) specific items like commentaries, photo galleries and the 12-page inlay booklet, but in all other cases everyone gets the same. Our core desire is we would rather make you as much content as you want to see, there it is only going to be one version of this project, so if you want us to ultimately make 5 hours’ worth of high quality, professionally produced content then please help us use these last remaining days to make that happen as our aim is to make a memorable and lasting feature film on the Amiga.

We've thought long and hard about the other items in the stretch goals and decided to think like collectors, what would we want? Therefore we decided to again keep it simple, unique but also high quality. The bouncing ball badge won’t be cheap plastic, but high quality, high shine metal, with a proper metal pin. The 4 x postcards will be high quality glossy A6 containing the original Amiga Years! concept art by Oliver Frey as well as the finished piece of art.

And finally what can we say about the Floppy Disc Beer Mat? Rare and double sided (of course). Well we call it a beer mat but it’s perfect for any types of liquid based drinking products as well of course water. We could employ an 1980’s style model to produce a photo of how to put a drink down on it but we have a feeling you get the point! The truth is it is something we want on our desk, same as the thinking behind the metal bouncing ball badge and post cards.

However ultimately, if funded we want to get on and make as much content as we can to the same quality as our previous backers would expect.

Please help us tell as many people about The Amiga Years! campaign and help us to make the most memorable, in-depth and lasting production we possibly can!

The key point to get across are elements such as the specially designed Oliver Frey cover will never be available again, as well as all the other backer only items we have available.

Please share the campaign's link whenever you can;

Please help us raise as much as possible during this one single campaign and allow us to move forward from the start with the best budget possible to produce the very best film we can.

Thank you so much again for all your support and please take a look below at the stretch goals we have devised. Also on the main Campaign site you can see examples of the Oliver Frey DVD and Blu-ray cases and also the fantastic unique slip case!

Best wishes!

Ant & Nic

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