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DamienD's SNES DVD... [REVAMP]

Hello there my long, lost EAB friends,

Hope that everyone is well?

Sort of disappeared for many years... Real life [blah] [blah] [blah] and not much time for gaming if I'm honest.

Anyway; I recently purchased a new laptop for my twin brother in Sydney. As he's not very good with computers, I thought I'd revamp my "SNES DVD" so that he can play (see original thread here "").

It now works on the following operating systems:
  • "Windows XP".
  • "Windows 7".
  • "Windows 8".
  • "Windows 8.1".

I have now completed the work / tested thoroughly etc. New features are as follows:
  • New "setup" file to handle "Windows XP" / "Windows 7" / "Windows 8" / "Windows 8.1" computers.
  • "Box" images added to the "LusSpace" frontend.
  • Reviewed / optimised settings for "Snex9x" and "Zsnes" emulators.
  • "Microsoft Xbox" controller remapping for "Windows 7" / "Windows 8" / "Windows 8.1" (as things vary from "Windows XP").
  • Added a new game to "LusSpace" frontend; "Nightmare Busters (E)":

The process is the same as with the previous DVD i.e:

  • After the autorun starts select "Run Setup".
  • Go through the main options "1)" + "2)" (plus sub-menus) and once happy select "3)".
  • You can launch the autorun and select "Run Setup" anytime to change options.

Just like before everything can be run from DVD or from your hard drive. Running from the hard drive is the preferred option as access speeds are far better than from a DVD drive. Also both emulator settings can be applied.

Screenshots of the new DVD / Setup menus are attached:


Main Menu:

File Locations + Desktop Shortcut Setup:

Local Hard Drive Setup:

Emulator Selection:

Snes9x Emulator Setup:

Snes9x Controller Setup:

Zsnes Emulator Setup:

Zsnes Controller Setup:

That's everything out of the way. I wanted to share this with you guys even though I know it's not "Amiga" related

Jumped on the "EAB File Server", tried to create a directory called "DamienD" under "Uploads" and then upload the .ISO file. Both actions failed...

If somebody could sort out my ftp rights I'll start uploading immediately.

DamienD is online now  
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