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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
This seems strange to me. A doc about ALL the 8bit computers in the UK at the time with mentions of the 16bit era followed by another doc all about one 16bit computer, the Amiga?
Not complaining but why? It would make sense if they just covered all the 16bits more thoroughly in bedrooms to billions.

Haven't seen it but I hear they skimp over the Amiga and ST.
They did skimp on the Amiga stuff for the original project and this is partly why they are doing this new one. The aim of the first movie was to chart the rise of the machines - the Z80 and MOS 6502 chips - and to talk about the pioneers at the dawn of that brave new world. The Amiga was covered in about 10mins, and given this was perhaps THE most complained about feature of FB2B, it makes sense to give fans what they want and thats a full movie about the Amiga. If this was all in the first movie, the first movie would be 4 hours long, and may resemble what The Drisk has already done as far as charting the basics, but as a dedicated movie, this can do so much more.

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