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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I'm sure I write about Prehistoric2 and Raptor, I also think it would be cool to have more pinball games eventualy Commander Keen, Hallowen Harry, Hocus Pocus, Gex (first one), Lomax (could be very tricky since it's also PSX game), World Rally Fever (manga style racer), the lion king (pc version got more levels)... also there is lot of cool 2d indie games, some will need to be scaled down, but still it could be cool if they have amiga version - broforce, spelunky (orginal one, not HD edition), Cave Story, ... Inferno (aka Epic 2, there is not much info about this one in net), biomenace, that's all for now
A lot of Apogee games would have been great on the Amiga; Keen, Duke, Dave, Hocus Pocus, Cosmo, Crystal Caves, Secret Agent etc.
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