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Originally Posted by Nibbler View Post
Here is my gaming room

Hope you like it.
(all is ready to play. just pick a controller (on the Dreamcast/ps3 box)
and turn on the console of choice,... BAM, you are ready to play

Ohh, and on the cardridge consoles,
no need to change the cardridge, the have all games on 1 cardridge ( everdrives )
thats how i like it

The LCD is in the same room , for my Ps3-PC and old XBOX
( that i saved from trash .. now its a great Media and Arcade-Emu Box

And to "round" things up, i have also a pinball machine ( was local )
Blimey! That's some serious kit! I wanted to get a MAME cabinet except transportation and space are the issues faced. Considering you have an original xbox, the collection could be reduced to the one console with emulators lol... not the same but hey, you did it with C64 [emoji14]
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