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I do like it, but I like the original better. Graphics are basically great, but they lack the feeling. As example, look at that main character holding the axe. In new version he is simply holding an axe, and looks like never used it before, the old version looks like that head of that axe is just moment away from coming through my monitor.

Similarly the guy all in all looks like replacement actor who doesnt really do any battling. hes just been put the helmets and stuff on, while the original looks like he was born with them.

This same lack of feeling comes out of music. While some parts of the music i like more in new one, due them simply being sound technically better, you take for example that "into" "the wonderful" and new version is simply missing the feeling. New version feels like someone is just saying that, trying to make is sound cool and like the original. Original version feels like someone is actually saying something with a feel.

But I did like watching that new version, and i think it have been very well done, although it is missing the feeling.
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