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I like a lot of daxx's music, but I REALLY do NOT like the music for this. Problem is its iconic, its iconic with SPECIFIC voice samples, and I really don't like the heavily accented "into the wonderfull", and especially don't like the repetition of "Gods!" screaming out all the time.

I like the intro style, but like others have said, simple as the Amiga one is, its had some thought put into it, words popping up when certain parts of the module play and stuff like that.

I like the story setting for this new intro, and the scrolling cityscape, but really the music just ruins it, and i'm a fan of daxx's work in general.

Originally Posted by CodyJarrett View Post
I've just finished a high definition remake of the Xenon 2 ending.
You sure you've used the full 16.8million colours in that?

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