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The great GBA vs GP32 debate

Ok wondering which i should one day plumb for as the ultimate handheld emulator.

The GP32 is way more powerful, and is capable of emulating 16bit systems - Snes so far, but how well? At full speed? And whilst it will be able to get all the 8bits down will a 130-160Mhz Cpu ever be able to emulate an Amiga when not even a 733Mhz X Box cant that well? Im also concerned about the relatively small community behind it, the fact its Korean and so support wont be amazing, and that the SmartMedia cards can only go as high as 128MB.

The GBA also has 8bit emulation "down" a huge community and good support, but its NEVER going to be capable of emulating 16bit systems with its 14Mhz Cpu and no fancy built in DivX and Mp3 playing like the GP32. Now, of course the GBA also boasts a large software library of its own whilst the GP32 plainly does not.
On the other hand, im more interested in playing the originals over the remakes, but still - some look cool.

Question is which is better? Will the GP32s superior hardware ensure a better emu machine or the GBAs larger community?
Im leaning towards the GP32 right now, but i may well wait to see how the seperate scenes develop before making a financial plunge.
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