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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Currently i investigating new vidiot capable to do regular RGB + YPbPr directly (same Amiga output as usual, sync on green etc) with digital control and perhaps some uC (XMOS?) on board to do extra things.
(To be honest it is quite tempting to place 3x32kB 8bit SRAM chips from old PC cache to have huge CLUT - controlling this from Copper/CPU and for example XMOS uC may be a nice thing - AGA already have similar feature and allow to put CLUT index in digital way).
This is really interesting. I had a similar idea but I have not the skills or time. The problem to solve was how to write on this clut without additional address bus. A gpio or some magic color sequence switches on/off the clut in write mode. At that point the RGB data are interpreted as address, value touples.
The drawback is that clut can be changed only on the vblank.
A new vidiot savant could also transform halfbright mode in a real 64 colors mode, and as you said perform yuv to RGB conversion for a yuv ham mode.
Please do it
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