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Firing is now remapped to joystick fire button. For some inexplicable reason on the ST it was mapped to the keyboard!

All dynamic colour swapping now works, the ST version used a split screen trick to reload the main colours for the main screen whilst keeping the score panel the same, eventually figured out what it does and now it works. Just need to now do an intercept routine as the colours switch just before the screen updates the next screen.

I'm guessing on the ST this process happened so quickly that you don't notice it, but on the Amiga, there is a split second where the screen you are currently playing on gets remapped to the next set of colours for the screen you're about to flip to.

Next on the agenda is to do all the keyboard stuff. I've ripped out the keyboard ASCII table from TOS which is one of the functions the game loads at the start, so if I can do a conversion table from Amiga to this particular TOS Ascii table, then all keys should remap properly and it means teleporters and hiscore can be used, or maybe I do away with that shit and remap it entirely to joystick so CD32 owners can play the game as well without keyboard entry nonsense.

Because of the flip screen nature of the game, it should run perfectly acceptable on an A500 68000, and I might even get the rubbish to fit in 512K as well.

'might' be an intro sequence of sorts, and of course I will be asking ADRDesign about converting the music

512 screens.... man this game is enormous!
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