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Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
I've sussed it! I found that you can "teleport" left / right purely by accident (can't find any reference to this anywhere). Whilst holding up, quickly press the left or right key (depending on which way you want to teleport) and this allows to get across those pesky spike traps with ease.

As for the screenshot above. I had to go to the screen to the left of this and get onto the platform that is level with the amulet part and teleport myself across!

Hmmmm..... apparently there are still TWO amulet parts I need to find! Nor these show up on the map either (had already bought the additional map for 300c). I've got to a altar which informs me that I need all amulet parts! Damn..... where could they be?
You got the teleport from defeating the gorgon the basement of the castle - you should go back and see what's in the rest of the castle. If you're looking for white altar pieces they're mostly in hidden rooms that the upgraded map hints at when you get near them so you have to go over the map again to find them.
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