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I'm porting to the OpenPandora, which means that the app will be packaged into a .pnd file. The PND is a compressed ISO which is mounted as a filesystem, and a directory is allocated on the Pandora's storage to act as "home" under the linux filesystem.

What I'd like to do is package up the tracker with all the ST-XX disks with samples, mods and songs directories like my old ST-00 disk. As the samples will be present in the package, I'd like to save and load song format as that way multiple copies of the samples don't need to be saved with each song.

It just keeps things neat. I know that mods are quite small by today's standards, but even so... Even if I restrict it to just loading the song format and continue to enforce saving as mod.whatever, it means that I can package up lots of songs instead of modules that will duplicate the samples and bloat the package unnecessarily.

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