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I will re-post some of Tony's responses in regards to UAEGFX from another thread:

Only fully implemented (and license compatible) hardware SVGA chip emulation that exists is Cirrus Logic chip range and all CL compatible cards are already emulated, unfortunately Amiga Z2/Z3 CL based boards have max 4M hardware VRAM limit.

I don't write boring PC hardware emulations. Someone elses problem as usual. Perhaps QEMU or DosBox or something else does it someday.

I also don't write non-m68k drivers. Same "solution": Find someone who writes uaegfx wrapper for OS4.
So the answer is that a UAEGFX Wrapper is needed for OS 4.X

Uaegfx can be easily modified to also support alternative "hardware API", because it is mostly hardware emulation only, just poke parameters to some reserved memory, write command id to some address, just like real blitter-like hardware works.

Filesystem and others can't support this method because they don't emulate hardware, they are practically the driver, they also need to see m68k state and control it (which allows them to run in another host thread).
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