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Thanks Adrian

Mounty, I have never heard of Cardiaxx for the Amiga, and recently watched the longplay of the game. Interesting fast Defender/Uridium type shoot em up.

A quick update. Redfined the Score panel with custom colours.

The Background also has more variety, always intended extra detail. This particular level is the InnerShip, so I wanted to be able to show outside space as well

Lots more to do but the colour palette is getting closer.

Also thinking about changing the 4 colours of background to different Hue, as you get towards end Boss, some colour are in the sprites but i don't mind that

I also noticed a nice colour trick on a C64 game Creatures

Might be a nice way to flicker alternate frames to give the illusion of a 3rd colour. I wonder if any Amiga games did this?
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