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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
The wire-wrapped breadboards are not, as far as I know, from the same stage of development as the black-box developer system.

They appeared in the same photos, sure. Maybe someone who used to work for Amiga exhibited both units at a computer show or user group etc.
Looks like the 'black box' prototype is the hub for the breadboard custom chips (I can't see any custom chips on the motherboard?)

edit: Yes, according to the text file 'ovale' posted above;

"In 1983 we made a motherboard for the breads to be plugged in, took this to
the CES show and we showed some little demos to selected people away from the
main floor. At the show itself, they wrote the bouncing ball demo and this
blew people away. They couldn't believe that all this wiring was going to be
three chips. The booming noise of the ball was Bob Parasseau hitting a foam
baseball bat against our garage door. It was sampled on an Apple ][ and the
data massaged into Amiga samples.CES was really important to us as we were
getting short of money and the response from that show really lifted the
team. We were still short of money and several re-mortgages later we managed
to keep up with the payroll. It's amazing how much it costs to pay 15 or 20

So that 'black box' prototype is from the 1983 CES show.

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