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Got a c64 for Xmass of 84 but couldn't use it because our tv didn't have UHF. Bugger, I was only 13. A few days later I stayed at a relatives house who had a UHF tv, and I was totally blown away.

Two days and nights of Tooth Invaders, Rolf Harris picture builder and other stuff then somebody (could have been me) bumped or kicked the PSU, it started smoking and the whole weekend was up the shit. Got the PSU replaced later on but had to endure about 10 weeks of not using the machine before we finally got a UHF telly. That c64 lasted until about 97 when it finally died. Found 3 working 64's in jan/feb this year. Lucky me.

Got the A500 family pack in early dec 1990. The Amiga was popular in Australia but not nearly as popular as the c64. In the old days 1 in every 10 kids at school (not kidding) owned a c64 which meant pirated games were easy to get. The Amiga just didn't have the popularity that it bloody well should have. After 2.5 years of the Amiga I sold it along with the hard drive and phillips monitor for a grand. What was I thinking?
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