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Originally Posted by Tommes View Post
Actually DXF isn't a problem at all. But retextureing is a must and not a big at all
All the single keys will need a texture or are the letters polygonal objects? Thats a lots of of coffee i guess, the a 3000 I converted was a LW object iirc. And the keyboard took me hours to create textures for every single key and attach them to the models. (look silly btw has to be redone^^)

However it would be worth a try.

If you have the CU version of Cinema 4D for the amiga you can try a tool named Magic Link(Castillian in earlier versions) yourself, it should be included in the install and supports many of Amiga 3D formats.

Just throw a low or med poly object(well poly reduced by hand) on it and try to convert it to LW Amiga format.
It's really intuitive to use and tells you if your object has to many points or surfaces. Any subobject in the scene counts for itself so subdivide the dxf as much as possible.Every single key,screw or nut has to be a single object in the scene.
That way you can convert scenes with millions of polygons.
In LW or other formats objects are often merged to one single object but all of them in one single object would fail to load in the converter,while texturing would become nearly impossible on the Amiga side anyway.
Most of the old software does not support modern ways of texturing stuff.

Worked fine for me many times in the past.Although I converted to C4D Amiga.I suggest to use a fast emulator and at least 1GB ram for the effort.

But uploading a model for me to try it myself would be nice,too.

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