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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
What does Piccon need to be able to do that it currently can't?
Well, this is the embarrassing part as I don't remember any longer :-(

I used it last time my 4000 was working and there was something I tried to get done which I couldn't find any function for. I think it was some way of storing either a full screen or bobs that it didn't do.
Or perhaps I wanted it to divide the screen in X by Y pieces and save each out as a bob?

You can see how long it has been since I've touched my machines. Sad really. I have a broken 4000, not-feeling-well 3000, and two 2000s without ps...
All I remember from last time using Piccon was that I know I have found some bugs, and that I decided I would have to store the data as raw and code for myself to store it the way I wanted.
(And I also think it has a tendency to switch screenmode when you load a new picture - really annoying when you just wanted to have the pixels shown in your chosen mode.)

There must be somebody else here who are banging the blitter for fun, what functions do you use in your preferred raw conversion tool?

EDIT: Now I remember. I found this font and wanted to save out the letters, though I can't remember the exact format I wanted.
The gif size does not fit 32x32 and I think Piccon would only let me save out based on the picture size. I really needed to either set a fixed screen size, blank it, and then "import" the file into it, or Piccon should ignore the size and save out filler 0s when the grid setting would not fit the loaded size.

(Now please bring on the next-gen FPGA-based machines. How long have we been waiting? 2 years? 4? 6?)

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