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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Compare logs (tick logging checkbox in misc panel to enable winuaelog.txt generation), hopefully there are some differences.
Do you really mean winuae hangs or emulated Amiga hangs?

Test also with latest 3.1 beta.

When I start up the OS4.1FE in winuae, I get the pink screen and then I see the OS4.1FE logo show up in red. Then it loads a while, but after a while it starts to read on the CD track 02, CD track 03, and then it continues to read from HD, and then it changes back to CD track 02, CD track 03 and then back to HD and then forever.

When I have pressed the middle mousebutton to get out of winuae I can't click on the screen to get back to winuae. I have to close the winuae windows to close winuae.

If I do not press the middle mousebutton I can hit F12 and select quit or restart or whatever.

I will create the debug files with the latest winuae beta 3.1. Is the latest number 11?

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