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Originally Posted by jonssonj View Post
I have tried to set the energy thingy to maximum performance but that did not help either.

I also tried to hook it up with power here at home, without the dock, but that did not work either.

So I guess the only other difference between the dock and the computer with power here at home, is that I have a wireless network connection at home and wired network connection at the office.

I can think of one more difference, and that is that the power in the dock is 170W and the power I have at home is the one that came with the computer and is a bit lower.

So I'm totally stumped, I do not know what to do or try?

Check what thomas said as setting maximum performace, doesnt alter throttling. You have to physically set the throttle yourself. I had an issue where my laptop would slow to 100MHz, because I was running WinUAE in the background, stupid throttling was screwing everything up.
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