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Wanker = Masturbation :-/
I'm sure...
This game has a gloomy story.
So I am happy if players recognize that
the main actor(in this game) unfortunately had to be an onanist.
"Dream" is an illusion which the maze shows in darkness levels.
Yes, I know this word should be avoid originally.
At least commercial title (by famous company) would probably avoid.
I know there is many MAZE games as Amiga PD.
Only "Ultimate Maze" would cause lack of impact.

Wanker's is short for Wanker is.
Oh really? I am shocked.
For example, "Ken's apple looks good." = "Ken is apple looks good." surely?
You mean that it is only case following? :
"Ken's apple" ="Ken is apple"

How about "Wankers' Dream" ?
(One of enemies might be wanker. The maze also shows him the same dream,
then it made him mad.)
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