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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
I missed the 64 post. Wow freakin' real man.
Any chance you share the model preferably in dxf(or lightwave) format?
I would reaaally like to try to convert it into some Amiga formats.
Actually I tried to convert the Amiga 3000, but it has way too much polygons. But I could deactivate all the filets, that may help. I could export a reduced model. Which one do you prefer?

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post

Very impressive, what i would like to see is you do a relatively simplish model and record the screen so we can see how its done, (especially me
Well, when I do technical stuff like the Amigas or any other designed objects I am using Inventor for recreating the stuff. There is a video online where I go through the building steps of the Amiga 3000. Don't know if you already seen it? If the object is simpler I will make it in LightWave.

Originally Posted by tassel View Post
You have amazing skills. You must be a patient man
I've never done big 3D projects outside work hours.
Thanks, but I am not really patient. Therefore I am always in search of better and quicker methods of creating CGI For instance I am using 6 nVidia 780 ti GPUs in one PC for rendering. 30 TFLOPS is quite a number Also using Inventor for modeling was born out of the idea to get faster and better results See? No patience at all

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Amazing renders Tommes
Originally Posted by Mounty View Post
Really top notch you are obviously a professional artist.
Originally Posted by adrianh78 View Post
Absolutely stunning work there! wow!
Thanks a lot guys!
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