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It was a tough decision between Marvel VS Capcom and Capcom VS SNK, but the later won.

While I LOVE the combo system of Marvel vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK is just great. The game has an incredible simply playability, which sometimes even remembers me the first SF II game, while adding some stuff from the most modern brawlers, without making it too much complex. The fighters are VERY balanced (No fighter is too bad or too good), and the "Slots" system works great. It's my fav beat'em up, beating any previous effort from SNK. (Garou: Mark of the Wolves used to be my fav Beat'em up )

Capcom VS SNK and SNK VS Capcom are actually different games. The 1st one is the one we know, developed by Capcom, for the arcades, Dreamcast and PSX.

SNK VS Capcom is the one developed by SNK, which was supposed to be released for the Neo-Geo, but it never saw the light of day. The Neo-Geo pocket version was released, and the game is great. From what I can tell from the NGPC version, the Neo-Geo version would be fantastic.

The only EX SF I played was the 1st one, and it's also very good. Some people walk away from it because it's 3D... I think there was no reason to make it 3D, the game doesn't take ANY advantage about being 3D, as it has 2D playability. It plays a lot like any other Street Fighter game, except there are some COOL combos. You can link one "Super" to other one, making some really devasting combos. Behind from the crude 3D graphics, it has some very good playability.

Street Fighter the Movie sucks, and if you would like to vote for it, you should be shot in the head. Twice.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo sucks too. Puyo Puyo wipes the floor with it
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