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of course the other way to do it is to pre-calculate all the normals in the object's co-ordinate system, and instead of rotating the normals, transform the camera position by the inverse object transform, and then use that for dot products. That's only 3 multiplies. You can use that also to do light source shading. Rotate the light source instead of the normals, which is one rotation per object and a dot product per face.

As for Z-sorting for the draw order of the objects, it might be better to sort by distance (or distance squared) and then do some smooth sort such as insertion sort, which has to do less work the fewer objects change order from one frame to the next (best case O(n)). That way, just spinning the camera round won't lead to any change in the ordering, and as long as object and camera motion is fairly sensible, the draw order won't radically change from one frame to the next so the sorting should stay near-linear.
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