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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
I think we underestimate the amiga audio chip

based on this, we could really have an instrument by itself applying some new concepts using our lovely Paula.

I thought the easiest thing to do is a Live Sample player based on Fasttracker instruments. It could work on a productivity screen to achieve >28k samples even on a plain a600.

I could easy convert multisample instruments to 8 bit XI, so the amiga could be used as a drum player connected as MIDI slave. Some kind of "Fairlight CMI" emulator for amiga would be nice.
Following on from this, I'd rather see a true synth made with some of the techniques in that link. There have obviously been attempts in the past but with today's soft synths available elsewhere I think a proper tone generation / wavetable style synth would be very interesting and something that isn't too "chip" sounding unless you want it to sound like that with simple oscillator waveforms & sound design.

With the lack of CPU power and a audio chip like Paula the workarounds used for the sound generation could get some strange but pleasing artefacts. Could sound fucking awful as well, aliased, digital clipped etc.
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