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Originally Posted by invent View Post
Hi Leffmann/Mrs Beanbag, thanks for the Copper info, very interesting. I was aiming to lock out the background colour possibly which might then need to go from 4 colours to 3.
of course you could always re-order the bitplanes and palette so that some other non-changing colour is the background colour. And you can calculate a bob mask to make any colour transparent, it doesn't have to be colour 0.

although i notice that the darkest blue seems to appear in the background and enemy graphics, which might complicate things.

another thing you could do, if you don't use sprites for the ship and bullets, is use sprites to render the 3/4 colour background, since it seems quite repetitive, and you could also do a parallax effect. Then you would get 3 more different colours to use on your foreground and enemies graphics. It seems the background is only 64 pixels wide? So it would only use 4 sprites, then you still have 3 sprites left for something else, or 4 if you manually load SPR7DAT.

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