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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
When you play your flink intro from CD do you drop dosxl option? cdxlspeed do you set at 150?
my flink intro was done with avi4hv and this is not compatible with cdxl, there is a special player available for this one. The result is for me better than cdxl but the cd32 cd-rom seems too slow. I tried long time ago SDBL but the result wasn't good enough (for me). If we could have something 300x200 + 8svx perhaps 10 pics/s and if it could run on 68000, it's better, and most important : easier to use with today pics format. Perhaps i'm a lame but i never find a way to do it easily, the only way i found is avi4hv but it didn't work on cd32 (cd-rom). There is a new version of avi4hv but i didn't have the time to test it yet, perhaps it works on 2x cd-rom now ?? I'll see.
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