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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
great to hear that, if someone knows how to do it...
I tried to use it but never succeed and like no one used it, i suppose that it's not clear at all. Did you try already to use it ?? Perhaps we need something easy to use, just a player which display pictures from a directory and just music, something we could prepare on a pc in the easier possible way.
Rebel, if you know how to make 32 or 64 colours CDXL, please, tell us.
Do you know if it could be full screen on cd32 ?? Do you know a game which use CDXL 32 colours or 64 colours on cd32 ?? I hope that i'm wrong and perhaps this is easy to make, but one thing is sure, there is a lack of documentation on it, a tutorial, something.
I know it should be harder but if CDXL works with 32 colours or 64 colours why not a good converter from mpg to cdxl ??? or from any other format ?? Should be great to make intro. I have flink with a ham intro (converted from megacd, with avi4hv) but it doesn't work from the cd32 cd-rom (winuae) but it works from hard disk (cd32 winuae + hd). why ?? i really don't know, i'm an amiga big fan but my knowledge is limited, sorry.
You can get full screen if you lower the frame rate significantly but with SDBL CDXL option you can duble vertical pixels and you can get decent full screen in a decent frame rate in ham6 that doesn't look bad.
And why would you use 6 bits per pixel for 64 colors if you can use ham6 and with same bits per pixel you get more colors? CD32 plays it anyway.

When you play your flink intro from CD do you drop dosxl option? cdxlspeed do you set at 150?

When already talking about this I regret that cdxl doesn't have at least some mild compression so we could get decent full screeen vids cause as I now cdxl doesn't use much cpu and there should be room for codec but the bottle neck is 2x cd speed. Mega CD had some cinepack codec running on 68000 and with 1x cd was close to cd32.
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