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What we really need on the Amiga is better game making software, because as we all know Backbone doesn't really cut it, and Reality is a bit of a nightmare to use. Of course, this software is already being worked on but I wish we could help encourage speedier development a little.

As for CDXL, I've only ever made a HAM6 and a 256 colour one, back when I had access to a Windows machine and the tutorial on how to make them was still online. Unfortunately I forgot how to do it, so you might have to ask the guy making the anime CDs for CD32, because I believe it was his tutorial that I followed. Remember that a CD32-compatible CDXL file should spool from the CD at no more than 300kb/s, and CDTV 150kb/s (which is the same speed limit as the Sega Mega CD).
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