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Well, just an update.

As some will know, I use WHDLoad to help with development, as it quits on code that crashes, and theres no need to piss around trawling through the stack to find out what caused what problem.

For some reason I didn't use WHDLoad initially, because my Atari ST TRAP#14 emulator wouldn't work with WHDLoad because of code that needed to be relocated.

So I worked without WHDLoad. Took a while to get the emulator to work, but there was always some stupid problem, and serious crashes that stopped it working, but i'm thankful for that at least, because this is the most Atari ST system intensive game i've tackled, and having to learn what TRAP functions do and what not.

So, I junked the TRAP emulator, went back to WHDLoad.......... and had the game up and running in about 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that pissing around with an emulator, and it caused more fucking problems than it solved. Typical.

I wanted to use Paul Hughes Starquake 2 code, but there was no actual game there, so I went back to the ST original.

And now i've got it working, and i've got the character moving with the joystick around the levels, it correctly swaps screens.

All i've got to do now is fix the dynamic pallete swapping, sort out the fire button for picking up objects, code entry in the teleporters, and then getting it to be a moderately acceptable enough speed on 68000.

So, after a little while of trying to make my life easier, I ended up making it easier by simply going back to WHDLoad and using that.

I also wrote a small utility for Amiga where you can load up an Atari ST .PRG file, and give it an address to relocate to, which makes life easier when it comes to patching the game and ensuring theres enough memory to run.

So far, the game is running in 512K, that might change to 1Meg simply because of music and SFX, will endeavour to get a video of it running on Amiga on Youtube in the next couple of days.

That is all, carry on
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