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Hi Mike, Thank you, it is not writing in anything, I have no coding skills

My focus is to develop all the graphics first then find an interested developer.

Hi Toni, good suggestion on posting to wayofthepixel site, will also look into for some palette optimising tips. I did look recently for another Classic Amiga game I'm working on at the moment.

Hi Leffmann/Mrs Beanbag, thanks for the Copper info, very interesting. I was aiming to lock out the background colour possibly which might then need to go from 4 colours to 3. Other level ideas might use one colour but change more, I'll concept up some ideas soon.
The staggered approach might be another idea. I have also thought of shifting the colour over time rather than the gradient/shading idea but at strategic points where not much is going on, (trying to optimise any potential slowdown). For example as you get to the end of the level where the end boss is, the blue could change to red.

Hi Steve T, Thanks, yes created in 3D, sample image of player and enemy.

Thanks, will do, Amigajay.

Gzegolka, yes true. I did a quick convert from 1920x1080 (24bit) to 320x256 (16 colours, not optimised). Once I have fine tuned the palette, I will tweak the player ship to fit better. Ideally I would also like to have more than 3 frames for player, but might prefer less if i need to customise the pixels and restrain for memory limitations, especially once weapon add-ons are rendered to the ship

The background is darker than I would ideally go for but the aim is to make sure you can clearly see everything else, bullets, aliens, objects to avoid.

Hi Galahad/FLT, I will optimise the score panel with a more custom palette

Sorry for the long reply.
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