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If we talk about tricks in games I could say Universe from Core Design got lot of colors, it looks like they write own driver for A500 to show more colors that it is normally possible. Brian the Lion got nice effects too, nice rotation with language select, bending title under main menu and some in-game tricks like scaling map. Super Stardust done amazing trick with looping animation in tunnel sequence. Lot of platform games got very nice fluent parallax with many planes that mimics speed and perspective - Shadow of the Best, Kid Chaos, Lionheart, Oscar, Overkill, T-Racer, etc. In Marvelous Marvin Adventure there are levels were is total darkness and You can see only very small part of screen, You see in darkness eyes, some belongs to pick-up stuff some do not exist for real, and when You find helmet with candle level starts to be more bright for short amount of time. For me that was very nice and moody trick. For someone else 3d-dungeons in AmberMoon can be that kind of trick.
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