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Short answer: No.

Long answer: I've not gone near electronics magazines for about a decade, I've not worked full time in electronics for about that time too but still keep my hand in with all the hardware I design for a hobby. (I'd love to get back into electronic design and embedded programming and all that jazz again for a full time job!). I bought a copy of EPE in January out of curiosity to see what it's like these days - it was the only electronics magazine I saw on the shelf, compared to years and years when I started as a kid there was quite a selection and before the WWW it was the easiest source of information.

Sadly, I found the magazine to be very bland. Little content, and it's certainly no use to tie in with your own specific tinkerings which you list.

I started electronics at a very young age, and the only way to get anywhere is to teach yourself, get on with your designing and have fun as you go!
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