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Originally Posted by invent View Post
Hi Everyone,

Below is an early concept image for a Shootemup Game in 16 colours (I'm aiming for every Classic Amiga to be able to play)

Copper Effect (Is this possible?).
If I had a 4 colour background can each scanline be changed (darker/lighter) to give the illusion of a gradient like shading? The left panel is the original image, the second panel has shading every 16 pixels, and the third panel is every 1 pixel scanline.

Does this copper effect slow down games in anyway or are there particular limits I need to be aware of.

Many thanks in advance

I do have or am working on a full HD version here
I have to say, your sprites look good but the background tiles are strange, bad color palette you choose, I invite you to visit this web, this people manage to make so good color palettes that combines almost all the colors to make 5 tones gradients very well.

Please do not forget to make good game design and MUSIC&FX at the same time.

Good luck.

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