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I remember a very heated argument with a friend over "mode 7", his position being that the Amiga could never produce anything of that nature in a game. I showed him Brian The Lion, the bonus stage with the rotating crystal platforms and curving backdrop, his answer was it's just animation..

There was no way the A500 could pre-calculate that animation quick enough and to have all those frames stored in RAM.. Also how could you plot the collision detection on the surfaces of the rotating platforms if they were just pre-canned animations? (not that you couldn't, but wouldn't it be easier if it was real-time?)

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
So if one demo comes out with a plasma effect, either another demo coder just by looking at it onscreen can figure it out, or they look at the code to see how it was done, and invariably the idea is always to better it..
So in short we owe a lot of cool looking demo effects and routines to good old fashioned one-upmanship

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