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maybe, if I find some ASM coder, I can do Salamander for Amiga, but bassed on the MSX version (thats the version I like of the game), it is easy for me, I have all the tiles from MSX, all I have to do is to retouch a little (as I do with this demo). But prepare to draw 40 bobs at 25 fps minimun in an Amiga 500. This can be a job, I would sell the game in a Big Box, I have experience doing boxes and manuals.

The music can spend a lot of space and time, because, Lo8its sample all the chords from original SCC music, the level 1 theme spends 170k, then, we can asume, if the game has 17 themes, we will need a lot of space (because I want to hear the same musics with the same sound, much better than remade the music with another samples).

I think, this not worth investing much time and effort in turning this game to the Amiga, which is playable in Mame , MSX and C64. I think it's better to make an original game with Konami flawor.
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