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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
I imagine that was the case for most other coders too..

I`m wondering about how much code was shared freely in the Amiga community (especially if it was some ground breaking routine that could benefit others practically). I know lot's of demos had very similar effects with rival groups..
Code was rarely shared. However, ideas were regularly stolen, or a kinder word would be 'inspired'.

The 'problem' for Amiga demo coders was for the most part, the Amiga was the pioneer of many demo effects we take for granted today, and there were hundreds of decent Amiga demo coders, but not all of them with a lot of design or inspiration of what they should code.

So if one demo comes out with a plasma effect, either another demo coder just by looking at it onscreen can figure it out, or they look at the code to see how it was done, and invariably the idea is always to better it.

From colour cycling graphics, fast plotted mandelbrots, filled circle routines, rotozoomers, rotating text scrollers, etc, etc, etc.

Someone codes something, someone else tries to take it to the next level, all they needed was the boundaries of "this is what I can do, can you match it or make it better"......... and thats all that was needed.
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