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New Amiga FPS game 2015 "Ultimate Maze: Wanker's Dream" was released!

Ultimate Maze: Wanker's Dream (English version)
Ultimate Maze: ワンカーに見せた夢は… (Japanese version)

Title screen and comments:

You probably cannot forget this game...

A gloomy story.
The ultra complicated maze explodes your brain.
Unforgettable brutal gore in the battle traveling beyond time.
Its difficulty would make even "Nightmare mode of DOOM" players cry.
Darkness would become scary if once you get stuck in darkness levels.
The 4th dimension would make you mad easily.
A hidden "secret level" and "secret ending" would be presented to super players.


Gameplay video:
[ Show youtube player ]

Both HD version & ADF version are available:
You can download them from the game's webpage:
You can also download from aminet later...

Minimum requirements:
020, 1.8MB chip RAM (I tested all levels on my standard CD32 + analogic FDD.)

Last words (as this post):
I know some people think that nittamituaki is insane or mad.
Sorry, next (3rd&4th) MODs would be also harder.
Next my challenge is "hardest boss ever made as FPS game".
Why? ...It is because *I* just want to create such a game with unforgettable bosses.
So please expect my 5th release if you would like to play "so-so" difficulty games.

Edited (Mar 2, 2015)
Now the game is archived at aminet, too.
If you failed to download from the game's webpage due to unknown reason,
you can try at aminet.
If you find my strange or wrong english, please feel free to tell me.
I will edit and update,
then I create screenshots which should be uploaded at HOL.
Thank you.

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