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Have to disagree - admittedly Super Stardust HD is nothing like the Amiga original (and I bough both the ECS and the AGA version back in the day) but it's a really fun twin shooter and one of the games on my PS3 that I always go back to. Nice simple, old fashioned twitch gameplay - yes a bit busy at times but an enjoyable shooter on it's own merits (and it's quite a bit easier which is good for me as reflexes are not what they used to be).

I do wonder why the use of the Super Stardust name though - was it just to pull in us old Amiga users or a genuine attempt to continue the game?

Haven't seen or tried the PS4 version (although quite lilked the PSP version even though it lacked a second stick) as currently have not found a compelling reason to 'upgrade' to a PS4.
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